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Implication of liver tests
Dr. Wu's Liver diseases
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by Jau-Shin WU, M.D., Ph.D.

(Posted Sep. 16, 1996; Updated May 14, 2009)


Implication of liver test

  • 1) Tests for the detection of degree of damage or reservation of liver function
  • 2) Tests for the detection of the total functioning liver cell mass
  • 3) The degree of elevation of serum GOT or GPT levels does not express the degree of liver cell damage, and differs depending on :
    1. The time from damage to determination,
    2. The size of functioning liver cell mass,
    3. The factors that needed for synthesis

  • 4) The tests that really reflect the function of the liver are:
    • Serum albumin -- synthesized only in the liver
    • Rapid turnover protein, coagulation factors -- synthesized only in the liver and removed from blood stream rapidly
    • Excretary function -- of drugs or dye
    • Serum level of bile acids -- physiological excretion test
  • 5) Liver cells, biliary system and circulatory system relate to one another. ---such as: serum bilirubin and bile acids relate to both liver cells and biliary system.

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(By Jau-Shin Wu, M.D.; Posted Sep. 16, 1996; Revised May 12, 2009)

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