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Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
Dr. Wu's Liver diseases
for professionals (medical students and residents) and consumers

by Jau-Shin WU, M.D., Ph.D.

(Posted Sep. 16, 1996; Updated May 14, 2009)


Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism

A) Carbohydrate metabolism

Excessive functional reserve

Other organ system: included in synthesis

Only in case of severe damage--influence the result of test
  1. Glucose tolerance test
  2. Galactose tolerance test
  3. Test for hepatic glycogen reserve
  4. Test for fluconeogeneic capacity
B) Lipid metabolism

Less specific

  1. Total cholesterol
  2. HDL-cholesterol
  3. Triglyceride
  4. Lipoprotein-X

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(By Jau-Shin Wu, M.D.; Posted Sep. 16, 1996; Revised May 12, 2009)

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