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Liver diseases (Hepatitis, ...): for professionals:
four starmedinex
Medical Information on the Web sites in Taiwan (English)
Differential Diagnosis of Communicable Diseases
Viral hepatitis and Hepatocellular carcinoma (Epidemiology)-
(English) (Chinese)
Consumer Health Information in Taiwan (English)
Web Sites for Medical Students and Consumers
Professional Medical Web Sites in Taiwan (Directory in Chinese)

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Review of Consumer Health Website in Taiwan (1999)
Liver Disease
Tips for Medical Consultation
Symptoms and Diagnosis
Read the Results of Physical Check-up
Women's Health
Who is Old Doc ?
The World of Taiwanese
Correct Use of Taiwanese Characters
Quality of Health Information on the Internet in Taiwan (2000)
Differential Diagnosis of Communicable Diseases
Old Doc's Selection of Health Webpages for Consumers
April, 2001 in Brno, Czech Republic

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