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Curriculum vitae
Chiau-Shin NGO (Jau-Shin WU), M.D., Ph.D.

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Chiau-Shin NGO (Jau-Shin WU)
Date of Birth
December , 1930
Place of Birth
Marital status
Married, with three children (1 son, 2 daughters)
University Education and Degree:

Professional Employment and Hospital Appointments:
Membership of Professional Societies:

Table of Publication on Haiku & Poem: (10 digital and 2 paper edition)

Present work: after retirement

  1. (Website) "Old Doc Wu's Home" (Chinese), webmaster
  2. (Website) "Taiwan Medical Network" (Chinese & English) Chief editor
  3. (Website) "Taiwanese World: Taiwanese (language) study of Professor Shou-li Wu" (Chinese) Editor
  4. (Website) "Chronological Table of history of Taiwan" (Chinese) Chief editor
  5. (Website) "Collection of Reviews on HAIKU" (Japanese & Chinese) Chief editor
  6. (Blog)Oobooshingo's Blog (Japanese)
  7. (Blog) Dr. Chiaungo's Blog (Chinese)
  8. (Blog)Dr. NGO's HAIKU note Blog (English)
  9. (Facebook)Dr. Chiau-Shin NGO
  10. (Facebook)Dr. Chiau-Shin NGO-2
  11. (Facebook)World Haiku & Tanka
  12. (Facebook) Kango Haiku & Tanka
  13. (Facebook) Free syle haiku
  14. (Facebook) The Global Haiku Net-(The Bay Area & Greater Los Angeles Area)
  15. (Facebook) The Global Haiku Net - Asia (including Tanka, Modern poem)
  16. (Facebook) Modern poem (all languages)
  17. (Facebook) Senryu & Hairyu
  18. (Facebook) 575 fixed style and 34344 fixed style Kango modern poem
  19. (Website) Papers on the Internet
    1. Dr. Wu's Liver disease (Hepatitis,...) for professionals (English)
    2. Viral Hepatitis and HCC: Epidemiology (English) (Chinese);
    3. Clinical Decision Support System for D.D. of Infectious Diseases(2002) (English)
    4. Medical Information on the Web Sites in Taiwan -- Present and Future Status (2001) (English)
    5. Differential Diagnosis of Reportable Communicable Diseases in Taiwan (2002) (Chinese)
    6. Review of consumer health information on the Net in Taiwan (1996.1 ~ 1999.3) (Chinese)
    7. The quality of medical education information on the Net in Taiwan. (2000) (Chinese)
    8. Liver disease (for consumer)- (e-book in Chinese)
    9. Q-A on Viral hepatitis (for consumer)-(Chinese)
    10. Common sense on Medical Consultation (for consumer)- (Chinese)
    11. From Symptoms to Diagnosis (for consumer)-(Chinese)
    12. How to Read the Results of Medical Check-up (for consumer)- (Chinese)
    13. Others: As shown on the homepage of "Old Doc Wu's Home"
PAPERS (Medicine):
Refereed: 31; Conference: >100; Review articles: >30
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(By Jau-Shin Wu (Chiau-Shin NGO), M.D.;Posted Sep. 1996; Revised Oct. 15, 2018)

Dr. NGO's HAIKU note
CS,NGO (oobooshingo);Anthony WU
瞈望 的部落格(shingo)
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